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Porto: What to do in one day

Porto: What to do in one day One day to visit Porto. For backpackers traveling around the world, people in need of a short escape, cheap flights that even allow you to go and come back on the same day, a one day trip is always a good way to experience a place So, if that is your case and you decided to visit Porto while having just one day to do and see all the main attractions of the city will not be an easy task, we know, but with a little bit of help, it is possible. Porto is a beautiful little city, in the north of Portugal. By little we mean, New York is 20 times bigger and Madrid is almost 15 times bigger.   We’re talking about 41 km 2 of paradise with its colorful houses, lovable people, great food, and wine. In Porto, there’s a river and there’s an ocean. There’s an industry and there are rural places. Therefore an infinite list of things to do and see.  Check here what to do in Porto in one day! So, you’re in Porto’s downtown and you want to s

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